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How much longer can you afford to wait before you start applying Agile in your organisation?


We know how hard it can be. We understand that being a leader is time consuming, you're under pressure to deliver but you also want to do the right thing. It's a difficult balancing act.


Perhaps your teams are crying out for a better way of work, or your leadership culture isn't creating the positive atmosphere you'd like.


Whatever the reason, we know how it can make leaders like you feel frustrated and even stressed.


That's why your organisation and personal goals are too important to allow any of this to happen.

your teams are underperforming

Your priorities are misaligned

Your products and services fail to deliver

your leadership culture is toxic

your employees are demotivated

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Let us guide you to Agility.

Over the last decade, Humble Associates have worked in various organisations of varying sizes, across a multitude of industries.

Whether you're a small startup, or a large, complex organisation, our proven approach can successfully help you to introduce Agile ways of working while avoiding common pitfalls.


We've seen what happens when organisations treat Agile adoptions as a one-size-fits-all approach. Even more so when they lack inclusivity and empathy.

That's why our approach is to deliver your Agile adoption using Agile practices, resulting in an iterative approach that bakes in a learning culture and increases your organisation's resilience.


So let us help you avoid pain and frustration and instead guide you towards leading your organisation in the best way possible.


years of coaching in Agile environments.

Ready to get started?

Our 3-step plan to achieve Agility.


Increase your knowledge

You'll start by experiencing our popular, interactive training style. Designed to give you a clear understanding of what Agile is all about


Develop your mindset

We will coach you and your fellow leaders so you can develop the mindset needed to build a thriving agile organisation


Launch adoption teams

Finally we will help kick-off internal adoption teams that will be at the forefront of demonstrating Agility in action.

Carmen Rodriguez, 
Talent Development

Humble Associates have been very supportive (from the start to the end). Starting with a solid preparation phase, launch and then follow up experience (almost a 1 year cycle).

From the complexity of training 80 people remotely on Agile methodologies to the interactive learning experience (experiential, fun, customised).

We have successfully delivered above expectations and this is now becoming a benchmark for launching new initiatives in the business. 

Overall I am very happy and would  recommend Humble Associates to others.

Rebecca Smart, 

We feel lucky that we discovered Humble Associates. Their approach has helped us implement a continuous improvement programme that is overcoming blockages to change. 


Their expert facilitation, consulting and coaching skills helped us navigate all the different perspectives involved in a respectful and inclusive way.


I found Humble Associates to be a lovely group of people, keen listeners, constantly striving for congruence and showing us that change is both possible and worth fighting for.

Natasha Quarto, 
Director, Cancer Research UK

As a result of the workshops run by Humble Associates, we saw a rise in the level of confidence with applying an Agile mindset to one's role across our Tech department.


It's made us think about the language we use, how we can involve our stakeholders earlier and more often, and how we can keep iterating our work over time. Teams have embedded more stand-ups, retros and planner boards into their ways of working.


We’re really grateful for these valuable and enjoyable sessions.

What our clients say.

Find out more about our approach to Agility


Delivery style? Learning experience? Benefits? The right content? The right trainers? Some or all of these are probably quite important to you when you look for the right Agile training provider.

That’s why, we can’t wait to share our top tips for delivering effective Agile training to your organisation and more importantly, what to look out for so you can guarantee that return on your investment.

So if you are an L&D professional, you definitely don’t want to miss out, book your place below!


Professional coaches. Experienced experts. But above all, we’re here to be your partners in whatever change you’re going through. That’s why we’re people first.

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Tomasz ‘TK’ Kropiewnicki
Thought Provoking Troublemaker

As an experienced Professional Coach, change agent, facilitator and systems thinker, TK approaches clients with great appreciation for the unique cultures, systems and complexities found within every organisation.

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Arif Bobat
Disrupting with Kindness

A Professional Coach and Facilitator with broad experience in challenging environments across product management, team culture and leadership support, Arif’s coaching style promotes growth by creating safe, positive spaces built on openness and trust.

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Our Training

Our unique training style can help you cultivate your own learning community, building skills of individuals as well as collective knowledge.

Find out more about how an adult-learning approach to training can support your teams,

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Professional Coaching

Our human-first coaching helps everyone understand their value. After all, strong teams start with empowered individuals.

Find out more about how our coaching can help your organisation.

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