3 Pitfalls of Agile Adoption 

Introducing Agile is hard. We know because we've been there.

When it comes to bringing Agile into organisations we've seen the mistakes and learnt what works. That’s why we’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with you during this workshop.

You will be able to discover and discuss 3 of the most  common pitfalls of adopting Agile  to avoid at all costs!


Whether you’re in the People team, HR or the Head of Marketing - we’re sure you’ll be able to take something away from this workshop. We believe in the power of Agility far beyond IT, so sign-up and join us for a fun session!


About the Speaker:

Tomasz is an experienced Professional Coach, change agent, facilitator and systems thinker focusing on objective results and Servant Leadership.

Tomasz is a certified Leadership Circle™ Coach helping organisations develop and scale their Agile Leadership.

The event takes place on the 04.10.2022 5pm BST