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Maximising people power

Our human-first coaching helps everyone understand their value. After all, strong teams start with empowered individuals.

We describe change as a journey because for it to work, you need to move with it.

Adapting to the ways your organisation works will always impact people differently. We can help ensure nobody gets left behind.

Starting from within

Coaching individuals and teams through a thought provoking process is a core part of our expertise. But the fulfilment we get from transforming how people see themselves is what makes it our calling.




Let's start from the top, shall we? Our leadership coaching looks to bring your senior teams into alignment, strengthening relationships and establishing boundaries between the group. Together, we'll set an example to inspire your business.

Individual 1-1 Coaching

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or shooting for CEO, we’re here to help anyone interested in exploring their growth and development. A dedicated coach will co-create your tailored coaching plan and support you on every step of your journey.

Our coaching credentials

It's probably important for you to know that we're professionals at this stuff, so in case you were wondering, we're all certified as:

Here's what our clients think

Keyboard and Mouse

I was lucky having Tomasz as my coach! I created noticeable progress in all the areas we were addressing. I am particularly thankful for Tomasz coaching style - it is very much hands-on, practical and action-oriented. He will not let you slip and will make sure you are committed to your goals and progress forward.

Elena Marsh


BeCoach Academy

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