Every style of Leadership has a shadow, the dark side of the coin 🪙

The Agile way of work can be pretty demanding, especially if you are not aware of how you're showing up as a leader.


Join our interactive workshop to discover the two sides 🌕🌑 of your leadership style. We will help you reflect on them and see how you can grow Agility in your organisation.

Tomasz 'TK' Kropiewnicki will introduce you to the powers of the Leadership Circle™ Universal Leadership Model as a tool that can help direct your leadership growth.


About the Speaker:
Tomasz is an experienced Professional Coach, change agent, facilitator and systems thinker focusing on objective results and Servant Leadership.
Tomasz is a certified Leadership Circle™ Coach helping organisations develop and scale their Agile Leadership.

The event takes place on the 12.10.2021 5pm BST

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Agile Leadership

Two sides of the same coin