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Upgrading minds

Forget food for thought. These days, there’s so much knowledge to feast on that education has become one of the best accelerators of growth.


We’ve got a whole heap of tools, techniques, tips and tricks to make education fun again.

There’s really no excuse. Learning should never be a chore. (Or zap you back to the classroom.)

Growing through 


We want to inspire your people. Our coaches are a there to make training engaging. But still… real learning comes down to having the right content.

That’s why we favour a flexible and holistic approach, with courses and programmes that can be tailored to suit what your teams actually need.

Here's what our clients think

Community learning programs

Interested in building your collective knowledge? We can help you cultivate your own learning community, building skills of individuals as well as collective knowledge.

Much more than your run-of-the-mill training, with regular sessions we’ll explore advanced concepts, share experiences and perhaps do a little homework in between.

With programmes for Leadership, Product Managers, Team Coaches or Agile Delivery Managers, these communities often become the start of an ongoing practice.

Our Training Courses

We've studied the science of adult learning, so we encourage curiosity and playfulness across our extensive range of courses. This means they're always interactive, high impact and fun.









Leading with Agility

Scrum Master

Role based


Mental Fitness

for Agility


For Agility

Delivered online or in-person, across full or half-day sessions, content can be fully tailored to your needs.

So, you know, if you wanted to tell us you wanted something completely brand new? Well, we’re always up for a challenge.

Product Owner

Role based


Keyboard and Mouse

"The feedback course has been gold for our business. No-one is scared anymore. It's taken the awkwardness out and we now have many more honest, open and truthful conversations.

Deborah La Spina


Taxi for Email

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