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Are you ready to learn?

You've probably heard of MVP, but there's lots of misconceptions out there on the big old interweb.

We'll be sharing our detailed thoughts on this in an article in Startups magazine in the July / Aug 2021 edition.

But in the meantime the easiest way to think of it is like this:

“an MVP helps entrepreneurs start the process of learning as quickly as possible.” Eric Reis - The Lean Startup

In order to start learning about your product or business we recommend experimentation. We've created a couple of canvases to help.

The Problem Canvas

Designed to help you understand a problem, challenge or opportunity that has emerged. To pause and to capture deep insights whilst it's fresh.

This could lead into the design of an experiment using:

The Experiment Canvas

When you are ready to test a hypothesis and validate some learning this is the perfect companion.

If you want help to start to collaboratively design and run experiments in your organisation as a way to get unstuck just book a call.

You can download both canvases for free below.

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